Quick know-how > Converting from default colors (0.0.46 > 0.0.47)

Starting from the version 0.0.47, Cubzh uses custom colors instead of default references to a fixed palette. This is why recent scripts will define colors based on the Color object, rather than a simple integer reference.

If you need to update one of your scripts to obey this new system, you have two solutions:

1. quick and easy: just replace your reference by DefaultColors[]

For example:

-- 0.0.46
local BLUE = 181
-- 0.0.47
local BLUE = DefaultColors[181]

2. custom and efficient: define the variable with a specific RGB(A) tint by using the Color API and passing it 3 (RGB) or 4 (RGBA) values

For example:

local BLUE = Color(76, 215, 255)

As a reminder, here's the fixed palette that versions before 0.0.46 used: