Fog is not creatable, there's only one instance of it. It can only be accessed through its globally exposed variable.

Fog is a shortcut to Client.Fog.

Fog gives control over distance fog settings.


Color of the fog, default is RGB (0, 95, 139).

Sets Fog.Near while maintaining offset between Fog.Near & Fog.Far

Fog.Distance = 100

Distance at which Fog ends, in world units.

Fog.Far = 100
-- both near and far can be set at once this way
Fog.Near, Fog.Far = 50, 100

Integer or table of integers between 1 and 8. Cameras only render the fog if it corresponds to their layers.

Fog absorption factor regarding light blocks and light objects, default is 0.4.

0.0 ➡️ the color can 100% be seen through the fog.
1.0 ➡️ the color is totally absorbed, like any other block.

Fog.LightAbsorption = 0.1

Distance at which Fog starts, in world units

Fog.Near = 50

Enables or disables Fog.

Fog.On = true
Fog.On = false
-- toggles fog
Fog.On = not Fog.On